Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You Probably Don't Know!

          The couple pushed their shopping cart full of goods to the front of the store and began to look for a cashier that appeared the least busy. They began to lay out their items on the belt in groups. Inevitably, others began to get in line behind them. The young lady reaches into her diaper bag and pulls out a booklet of coupons. Each group of items represented a different coupon in her booklet. It was clear that those who had followed her into the line were not pleased when they discovered that the young lady was getting WIC for what appeared to be multiple children. Their looks of disgust could only have been more obvious had they expressed with their lips what they were thinking. One might argue that they were simply in a hurry and suddenly realized the couple’s groceries were going to take some time. However, the looks communicated a certain disdain.
            As the cashier began checking out the goods, she stated that the couple had gotten the wrong juice. The husband told the cashier that the coupon simply noted that he was to get a certain amount of juice and did not specify a brand. The cashier told him it was to be a certain name brand. He told her that he got the generic because it was cheaper and thought that would be fine. Instead, the cashier called in customer service to exchange the juice. As they waited for him to return, the air was getting thicker around them as the tension grew.
            After the customer service representative returned with the correct juice, the cashier noted that the couple had also gotten the wrong bread. The wife explained that she looked at the bread for about ten minutes trying to make sure she got the right loaf. The cashier called customer service once again to exchange the bread. As they waited the husband pulled out his Iphone and began checking his messages. Suddenly, he hears whispers about the fact that he both has an Iphone and is standing in line getting WIC. He tries to ignore the folks as the tension grows and grows. Finally, he looks at them and apologizes that it is taking so long.
            Finally, the bread is exchanged and the couple is ready to head out the door. They walk out of the store and get into a new car. It is quite a site, a man with an Iphone loading WIC into his new car.  Perhaps some think, “Why does he not get a job?” “It must be nice to have Obama use our money to pay for his groceries so he can have a new car and an Iphone.” “Maybe they should stop having children if they cannot afford to take care of them.” “Don’t they know what causes that?”
            If only they knew that the couple was very uncomfortable getting WIC in the first place. If only they knew that the wife went through a very uncomfortable experience at the WIC office. If only they knew that they dreaded going to the store. If only they knew that the couple went to the store, away from their town, in order to keep people from talking about them. If only they knew that the couple really does have several kids (6 to be exact). If only they knew that the couple knows EXACTLY “what caused that.” If only they knew that only two of their kids are biological. If only they knew that two of their kids came to them by adoption and two others are foster kids. If only they knew that the WIC was given to them in order to provide for their foster children. If only they knew me and my wife, that we are a ministry family, seeking by God's grace to love the least of these. If only all of us wouldn’t be so quick to assume that we know. 
           I would love to say that I am exempt from such poor assumptions. But the fact is, because of remaining sin in my heart, I am not. I too often come to quick and wrong conclusions.The fact is, I am reminded that like those in the check-out line, I am constantly in need of Jesus. Like the hymn writer said, "I need Thee, O I need Thee; Every hour I need Thee; O bless me now, my Savior, I come to Thee."


Unknown said...

Don't know what to say. We humans are quick to pass judgment on what we think we see and what we think is right. I was telling Kim just the other day about a person I dealt with somewhere and how if we were all as nice as they were, we would have a wonderful Earth to live on.

Jeff Box said...

Me too Alex. Notice the last paragraph. I added it to make sure I was clear that I too battle this.

Jeff Box said...
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Ruthann said...

Thankfully God judges from the heart ;-)man judges from the outward appearance :-(

Unknown said...

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