Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I must confess that I have not read a single book from the Twilight series nor have I seen the movie. However, the excitement/craze over the movie has stirred my curiousity. So I read a couple of reviews written by a Christian, Mark Farnham, Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary (Lansdale, PA). Mark's articles sound like an honest and fair analysis of Twilight. Check out the following links to his article: Twilight From A Christian Perspective. The article is in two parts.

I would also highly recommend listening to Dr. Albert Mohler's radio broadcast in which he discussed the topic "Has The ‘Twilight’ Phenomenon Reached Your Home?." Dr. Mohler is one of the brightest theological minds of our time and does a great job in his analysis.

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